the Baby Bears

Now the baby Bears are coming even with are not going to bed this winter we have gone to see where the people go each winter. To see how are people friends do it I must say it is really nice to see all of you in this tip of winter for it is all new to use and I think I could get use to it even with out not having are long sleep. To be add to at a later time.

hi all welcome to Nenette’S BLOG


Hi All what have you been up to now that we had been told things were better I for one do not be live them at all even the one’s from the fed’s any more I do not know any thing any more all I know is that this bug has us all to the top of are heads in a vertex and that has maid a mess of all of are lives, what about you do you feel this way all so??

Hi a new one from the three bears and are friends Nenette

and Anny we are off on a road trip this winter out of that old cold north wood’s, now that we are not working any more do hope you can come a long for the ride, and may be you out there can help us find some things to see and even by or sell that’s all up to you if you want to see about a little fun in this old cold would(( HELP US now)) as you no this story is all out there in fun. The Bear’s are off to see the sun and some fun, plus sand in the hot waters of the SOUTH if we can, you all can come a long with use it , should be a party, you want to come and tell use to see the things you would like use to see that would be nice well see you in a few days. ….

the three bears

Hi all well it is February 1,2020 Well I am starting all over agene for the I do not know how many times hope I can get some where this time.

Have any of you been looking at the mess down in D. C. I just think it is offensive to me and it should be to every one out there, the way they talk to each other and to any looking at the mess not a good thing for are kids to have to see people do and we are all ways told to look up to are leaders what thing to think of in the times we are now in ( and what is on your mind a bout this any ways, let me know and thanks.

well the three bears are all set for anew Christmas.

well we are back looking for all of you to have a new Christmas this year as you know we are fast a slep at this time of year and will see you out and a bout next summer. But we sill have a Christmas in are own way in are harts, will be in it and in that way we will have a tree and so on but no one will see it or be with us but we will get to see all of are family past and the ones to come in the years a head.

You see people of all the lands in the world will know in there harts will be full all so, so lets stop the darn killing each other and be nice, to each other.


What is going on in this world any ways now we are in this mess with all people not being able to go and come for that is the law now. And all schools, business closed and all that when ever it stops it will be wild out there I hop that we can get back to new normal if there can ever be one like it says up above let me in on your thoughts.

books and crafts

Hi All I am still trying to get back in to this stuff but now that it is 5 months out of my fall and having to take a month off and be in hospital I am not doing that well all ways in the past if some thing want bad I could get right over it. But not this time I just want to be able to get a car and a job but that is not working out at all have any of you out there been in this kind of mess and how did you get out of it all so I am in my mid 70’s so that does not help ether.

I was just told to get over it but that is not what my head is saying to do so what do I do now, let me know what you think of this darn mess, thanks??

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